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100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers
100% Determined by Leading Graduate Employers

A-Z Job Profiles



Architects design new buildings and adapt existing buildings or rebuild them. In every phase of a construction project, from the original concept to completion, they are actively involved.

Accountant (Management)

Accountants in management operate in manufacturing, trade, and conduct a wide variety of financial duties within the firms for which they operate.


Animators produce a sequence of images by using drawing, modelling, or 2D and 3D computer graphics which gives the illusion of movement.


Astronauts are trained to be pilots, doctors, and researchers and travel in a spacecraft to space. The crews work together in the spacecraft – to complete analyses, experiments, conduct research, gather data, and maintain the spacecraft’s condition.


An acupuncturist is to consult patients about their symptoms, to diagnose and conduct treatment for the pain and illness with special needles just within the skin surface at particular positions. 


Auditors are specialized in reviewing and examining companies/organizations’ financial accounts, documents, reports, records, operation practices to ensure compliance with state and federal law.


The administrator mainly is to provide office and administrative support for an organization to ensure a well-organized operation.

Automotive Mechanic

Automotive mechanic repairs and conducts preventive maintenance to vehicles. He needs to identify the cause and resolve the issue to ensure the vehicle operates in a safe condition.

Airline Cabin Crew

The airline cabin crew provides safety and security knowledge to the passengers and also delivers a high standard of services to its passengers during a flight.


Apiarists are also known as beekeepers who raise and care for honeybees. They are also responsible to maintain healthy colonies for honey productions and pollination, to ensure the breeding environment is at the optimal level for production.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft maintenance engineers are responsible to ensure that the aircraft works under protected and proper conditions by conducting regular inspections, maintaining, and repairing procedures.

Agriculture Engineer

Agricultural engineers help farmers to solve problems such as electricity and machines, design equipment to make necessary improvements within the farming industry, regularly check and monitor machines to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.


Announcers are those who work at radio and television stations, their main responsibility is to broadcast news to the public, to play music and/or commercials, prepare written materials or contents as well as operate the equipment.



Beauty Consultant

Beauty consultants demonstrate and sell the full beauty product range by assisting customers to choose which products are the most suitable for them.



A botanist is a scientist who studies and conducts research on plants’ life and organisms. They study the plants’ evolution and the relationship with organisms and/or environments.



A bodyguard is a type of armed security guard who specialized in personal safety protection. They are hired to protect their clients from threats such as injuries, kidnapping, assault, harassment.



The babysitter takes full responsibility for the children when their parents are away. It is an all-rounder role that involves observing, attending various needs of the children, watching over them, food preparation, bath, and dressing them.


Banking Officer/Personal Banking

The banking officer’s responsibilities are to oversee the opening and closing of the account as well as other retail banking sales activities.



Barista prepares and serves a variety of coffee and educates customers regarding coffee’s knowledge such as coffee background, brewing and grinding techniques, coffee equipment.



A bartender prepares non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages based on customers’ preferences and tastes. They are required to interact with customers and also give recommendations to customers in a bar.


Business Development Manager

A business development manager tasked with developing growth strategies and plans by identifying sales leads and maintaining a good relationship with potential customers.


Brand Manager

Brand managers are responsible for creating brand strategies to increase brand awareness and change the public perception of brands.



Construction Project Manager

The construction project manager is to oversee the construction from the beginning until the end. He is also responsible to collaborate with architects and engineers to determine the specification of a project, to develop a comprehensive project plan to make sure everything is on the right track, also is responsible for preparing the budget and cost estimation, and negotiating the cost for the project.



The concierge provides professional and friendly service to guests who arrive in the hotel by properly welcoming them, assisting them with luggage, suggesting local food and attractions, and answering guests’ inquiries.



Copywriters are responsible for writing or creating compelling content and promotional materials. 


Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design and manage a wide range of building structures and infrastructures such as roads, railways, airports, power plants, and irrigation systems.


Catering Manager/Banquet Manager

The catering manager works closely with chefs and catering assistants to run daily catering operations and services in hotels, resorts, and restaurants; food and beverages menu planning, monitor food preparations, and serving during events.


Customer Service Representatives

A person who helps to resolve customers’ complaints, shares products or services information with customers over the phone, via email or social media, and generates sales sometimes.



Counselors encourage individuals to talk and discuss their concerns that may be causing them difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.


Careers Adviser

Career advisors provide information and guidance services for people to make career decisions and plans.



Data Analyst

Collect and scrutinize data from various sources such as surveys, sales data, or market research to identify and help the employers make better decisions.



Examining dental and oral hygiene of patients to check for signs of decay or disease.


Digital Marketer

Develop strategies and campaigns to promote brands, goods, and services.


Desktop Publisher

Desktop publishers use special publishing software to create documents and materials for printing or online publications; including advertising, publishing, graphic design, and page layout arrangement.


Data Entry Clerk

The data entry clerk is responsible for transferring paper data into computer files or database systems, ensuring the accuracy of the data, managing and keeping track of the data for future use.


Direct Sales Representative

A direct sales representative is representing companies to promote and deliver companies’ products and services directly to new and existing customers to close sales.


Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are researching, designing, and maintaining electrical power systems, machinery, and equipment.


Event Organiser

Plan and organize a wide range of social events, making sure that the events run smoothly and to budget.


Editorial Manager

Supervising and overseeing the editorial production or all aspects of the content for publication.


Early childhood Educator/Preschool teacher

Preschool teachers need to develop and deliver a variety of interactive classroom activities or learning programs to educate young children aged up to 5 years old.


Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Environmental health and safety manager is to assist companies/organizations to comply with safety law and prevent employees from injury and illness by inspecting the workplace on a regular basis, minimize and/or eliminate workplace hazards.



An ergonomist is to design or improve machines, tools, equipment or objects which caused the physical discomfort feeling and/or the difficulty in operating a machine. Ergonomists focused more on remodeling work environments to increase employees’ productivity.


Fashion Designer

Fashion designer responsible for creating designs for clothes, shoes, or accessories, conducting market research to identify new trends, or seeking design inspiration.


Financial Advisor

Financial advisors give clients financial planning, support, and advice on investments, insurance, estate planning, or mortgages to achieve their financial goals.


Facilities Manager

A facility manager is responsible for ensuring that the systems and facilities of a building are well maintained.


Floral Designer/Florist

Floral designers cut, arrange and design flower bouquets for customers based on their budget, preferences and occasion. Sometimes they will design, arrange and set up for the event as decoration.


Games Designer

Game designers create new ideas such as the rules, characters, settings, plots, props for video games by using various computer programs.


Games Programmer

Games programmers use programming and scripting languages to write technical code to control how a game looks and operates.


Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts, graphics, and layout by using computer software or hand to show and captivate the client.


Guest Relations Manager

Guest relations manager responsible for welcoming guests during arrival, assigning room for check-in guests, informing hotel’s facilities, as well as managing guest service and also the hotel’s image by answering guests’ request and making sure they are satisfied with their stay.


Hair Stylist

A hairstylist creating hairstyles, advising clients on their hair care needs.


Hotel Manager

A hotel manager responsible for managing budgets, administering hotel services, recruiting, training, and supervising staff.


Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers are responsible for recruiting, training, and developing staff to ensure that they are treated equally and fairly.




Illustrators produce original visual images by drawings or sketches and paintings for a wide variety of products to convey ideas, facts, or emotions.


Interior Designer

Interior designers develop concepts and creative ideas for design and decoration. Helping clients to determine the look and feel of their home.


IT Support Engineer

IT support engineers are responsible for installing and maintaining computer and software systems. Providing technical support to the users.


Investment Manager

Investment managers are responsible for providing financial advice for their clients or investors to make appropriate decisions about which assets or funds to invest in.




Journalists are responsible for gathering information and researching articles from numerous sources about current affairs, news, and the issues of public interests and write contents about them for newspapers, magazines, the internet, or even television and radio.



A judge is responsible for presiding over trials in civil, criminal, or appeal cases and making judgments based on the evidence presented



A janitor is the person who does general cleaning of the building and maintains the property’s cleanliness.



Jockeys are specialized in specific types of horse racing such as steeplechase or jump racing. The jockey must familiarize the strengths and weaknesses of a horse to develop a detailed strategy for each race.



Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen assistants perform all kinds of cleaning and washing duties required in the kitchen. They also help in preparing ingredients, cutting vegetables and to make sure ingredients are not running low during operations.


Lighting Director

Lighting directors create and manage all aspects of lighting for productions. They are responsible for creating plans and budgets for every scene in a production.


Lecturer (Further Education)

Further education lecturers teach their specialist subject(s) to students in college or community centers.


Logistics Manager

Logistics managers are responsible for organizing, planning, and monitoring logistics operations such as warehousing, inventory, and supply chain processes to ensure that orders are delivered correctly.



Lawyer is a certified professional who advises and represents his client in legal matters. They counsel their clients, conduct legal research, prepare legal documents and represent clients in court proceedings.



Liberian is responsible for arranging, collecting and delivering of the library resources.



Lyricists normally work closely with music composers to write creative words in conjunction with the music for entertainment, artistic or commercial purposes.


Learning and Development Manager

Learning and development managers need to work intimately with other divisions’ managers to create and execute learning techniques and preparing programs for the colleagues through their career pathing inside the organization.


Make-up Artist

Make-up artists offer make-up services that are transforming people’s appearance or creating special effects for fashion shows, theatrical production, movie sets, and photography shoots.


Management Accountant

Management accountants are responsible for creating financial policies and organizing management information systems including budgeting, reporting, strategizing, helping the company to pick and handle their assets. They work for public companies, private enterprises, and government agencies.


Marketing Executive

Marketing executives are involved in creating and overseeing campaigns to promote goods and services by conducting research and analyzing data to identify the audience and achieve the goal of maximizing company profits.


Multimedia Programmer

Multimedia programmers are responsible for producing interactive multimedia products such as DVDs, video games, and cell phones using programming languages.



Manicurists are responsible for providing nails and hands services such as grooming and painting fingernails including hand massages, nail repair, and basic manicures.



Merchandiser helps companies to design and develop merchandising strategies, analyze marketing strategies, customers’ responses and market trends to anticipate product needs.


Miniature Model Maker

Miniature model makers have different responsibilities when working with different industries. Model makers need to design and create a miniature based on the blueprint given by the architect. In the film and television industry, model makers are called to create a variety of miniature models to be filmed rather than using too expensive or too large props.




Nurses are responsible for assisting patients’ physical and emotional health by providing medical and nursing care in a hospital or home.



Nutritionists are responsible for evaluating clients’ needs to provide information about healthy food and proper meal choices. Their tasks include creating meal plans, training plans, and educating clients about nutrition.



Narrators work for determining the story’s point of view and providing details about the story to the audience to keep them interested until the end.


News Reporter

News reporters are responsible for presenting news through different mediums such as television, radio, newspaper, internet by gathering and analyzing information about current affairs to keep the public updated.



Neurologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders that affect the nervous system such as the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles of the body.


Office Manager

The office manager is responsible for organizing meetings and managing databases to ensure that an office runs smoothly.


Operations Manager

An operations manager is responsible for managing and improving the performance of a team of people including creating important policy and strategic decisions.



Opticians read prescriptions written by optometrists to prepare correct eyeglasses or contact lenses for patients.



Optometrist exams patients’ eyes to identify ocular disease and vision and optical issues by performing vision tests. Prescriptions are written for opticians to prepare eyeglasses for patients.


Online Marketer

Online marketers are responsible for managing and overseeing all digital marketing activities including creating market plans, sending email campaigns, identifying trends, and insights to raise brand awareness.


Offshore Oil Engineer

An offshore oil engineer plays a very crucial role on the platform as he needs to analyze problems occurring during the operations, making necessary accurate decisions with effective solutions.




A pharmacist’s duties are conducting health and wellness screening, compounding, and dispensing medicine as prescribed by the doctors or physicians also providing information about drugs such as side effects, the use of medicine, and proper storage.


Public Relations Officer

A public relations officer’s duties are managing all aspects of publicity activities such as developing PR strategies and campaigns, organizing promotional events, managing good relationships with stakeholders, media, and the public.


Psychologist (Counselling)

Counseling psychologists help their clients to cope with a range of mental health problems and emotional issues by applying psychotherapy techniques and psychological theories.


Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are responsible for planning and developing safest cost and time efficient extracting methods or techniques for natural oils and gas from both onshore and offshore, designing equipment for the extraction process, estimating costs and values for the natural oils and gas, searching and analyzing new sources for oil and gas.


Personal Assistance

Personal assistance works with senior managers to provide one-to-one administrative support, such as monitoring emails, drafting communication on behalf, organizing meetings and appointments, preparing agendas, booking and arranging travel arrangements.



Purchasers responsible for buying items, tools or equipment and/or parts for own company usage or to resale to customers, dealing and negotiating with vendors or suppliers, doing market research on the price, developing purchasing trend and strategies to keep the business profitable, as well as monitoring the inventory to prevent from over or understocking.



Publisher works closely with a team of editors and writers who create the publication contents. Publishers decide what the audience reads on printed or electronic publications, they also set the editorial and commercial direction for publishing companies.


Property Valuer

Property valuers provide properties valuation service to banks or financers. They are responsible for assessing landed properties for its true value.



A promoter is a marketing professional who is responsible for demonstrating and explaining the product’s features to the consumers with the attempts to persuade consumers to purchase in order to drive company’s sales.



A producer plans and coordinates various points of film productions such as selecting, writing and editing scripts, hiring actors, planning the timeline as well as  managing financial budget for the production.


Product Developer

A product developer manages the process of developing a new product or improving the existing products in order to meet customer’s satisfaction, needs and wants. It is also his responsibility to ensure the product is user friendly and is safe to use.



Pilots are responsible to ensure the safety of the passengers or cargo during the transporting. They need to determine the safest routes, develop flight plans and analyze the weather conditions, inspecting operation systems and navigation equipment beforehand.



Paramedic are medical professionals who respond to emergency medical calls, trained to provide on-site aid to patients if necessary, and transfer patients safely to the medical facilities. They are trained to make quick diagnoses and treatments.


Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveyor is responsible for managing the finances of a construction project which helps to ensure the projects remain within budget.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurances are responsible for ensuring a product or service meets the requirement of quality standards by evaluating and setting standards for health and safety.


Quality Control Specialist

A quality control specialist’s main responsibility is to conduct a test and assessment, monitoring production processes, and identifying product defects.


Radio Presenter

A radio presenter’s main job is to host and broadcast a show which revolved news, music, interview, and stories on radio.


Retail Manager

Retail managers are responsible for overseeing all in-store operations, ensuring their staff provide excellent customer service, and managing a variety of administrative tasks such as statistical and financial records.


Risk Manager

The role of risk manager is to identify past financial losses and advise the company on how to cut any risks, conduct research and create analytical support.


Room Attendant

A room attendant’s main responsibility is cleaning and servicing rooms in hotels, guest houses, and public areas.



Receptionists are the first point of contact for a company. They are responsible for handling a variety of administrative tasks as well as greeting clients or customers, taking messages and answering the phone in a timely manner.



Reflexologists are professionals with natural art of healing skills such as massaging patients feet, hands and ears to ease them from stress and tension.


Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents assist the buyer and seller in buying, selling and renting their properties. They provide guidance and assistance to buyers and sellers in marketing and purchasing properties with the right price.



Sales Executive

A sales executive’s main responsibilities are promoting products and services to the potential customers, conducting a market research to identify customer needs, and gathering feedback from customers.



Secretary performs administrative tasks such as answering calls, arranging appointments, preparing and collating reports.


Software Developer

A software developer’s main responsibilities are developing software or building programs, applications, and websites by writing code as well as modifying existing software and fixing the errors.


Social Worker

A social worker assisting clients that have social or emotional issues such child abuse, domestic violence, mental health, and parental abuse. They are providing support, advice, and organizing social services.


SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)’s main responsibilities are developing strategies to enhance visitor numbers to websites and creating keyword strategies to increase ranking in search engines results pages.


Systems Analyst

Systems analysts are responsible for examining, maintaining, and supporting IT and information systems to fit business needs and improving company efficiency and productivity.


Systems Developer

Systems developers are responsible for developing and implementing applications and programs as well as ensuring that they operate reliably.


Storage Manager

A storage manager’s main responsibility is assisting the director by overseeing the whole production process including logistics, scheduling and running rehearsals.



Surgeons are highly skilled medical specialists who perform surgical procedures for a wide range of diseases on patients who have been diagnosed with illnesses.


Supply and Distribution Manager

Supply and distribution manager is liable for arranging, sorting, coordinating,  controlling and planning with the supply, storage and distribution of merchandise, items and services produced and used by organisations.




Traders responsible for making prices in specific products, analyzing short-term economic trends, providing information about the recent trends for relevant departments.


Telecommunication Engineer

Telecommunication engineer main’s responsibilities are designing and configuring voice, video, and data communication systems, testing and evaluating hardware and software to determine reliability of existing systems.


TV Presenter

A tv presenter’s main responsibility is hosting television programs and working on a wide range of different subjects such as history, news and entertainment.


Tax Officer

Tax officers are to oversee all tax reports of companies or individuals and to ensure they are compliant with government regulations.



Translator interprets written or spoken materials into at least one or multiple languages, ensuring the meaning and context remain. He also must possess knowledge of two or more different languages.


Travel Agent

Travel agents are professionals who are passionate about travel with ability for sales and customer service. They help their clients to make travel plans, provide advice on travel destinations, itineraries planning, reservation booking, transportation and accommodation booking.


Tour Guide

Tour guides are responsible for showing groups of people to visit unfamiliar local attractions around a city, either a building or other establishments. Tour guides are also responsible to share information and insights that helps visitors to make the most of the experience.



Therapists help patients to deal with emotional, mental and physical issues as well as to develop a set of therapies and activities for the individual.


UX Designer

UX designer is to design softwares or wireframe tools into a user-friendly design and concept to make the most of the customer’s experience by gathering information from users.


Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary nurses are people who have genuine interest in animal welfare and have a strong medical background. They provide nursing care for those hospitalized animals, such as monitoring and carrying out health checks on them, feeding them, and providing medical treatments.


Video Game Designer/Video Game Developer

Video game designers/developers responsible for creating video games ideas for electronic devices. They design the game characters, the levels and test the demo before it is officially launched in the market.



Videographer is to record important events by using camera and audio equipment. He is responsible for planning, filming and editing videos to be broadcast or used for other projects such as commercial advertisements, movies, television shows.



Visualizers work to transform ideas from written texts, images or pictures into realistic dimensional illustrations that are eye-catching and easy to understand.


Video Editor

Video editor mainly responsible for editing and combining raw materials into a finished product which is ready to broadcast or post the video to any media platform.


Video Journalist

Video journalist is also known as a journalist but he is responsible for creating video content and posting the video to any online platform.



A valet’s job is to greet guests upon their arrival and offer guests his service of parking and retrieving their vehicle. He is also responsible for the cleanliness and the safety of the parking area.


Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for designing websites by using their creativity and software programming skills to build and improve a company website to be more user friendly.


Web Developer

A web developer is responsible for the coding, creating web pages designs and modifying web pages layouts according to a company request.



Writers are responsible for producing written content on printed or electronic materials as well as content for movies, television shows, radio programs or commercials.


Wine Sommelier

A wine sommelier is a person who has a very strong knowledge of wines. He is responsible for updating the wine lists and works closely with chefs, suggesting customers the most suitable wine to pair with the food as well as wine recommendation based on customers’ taste preferences.


Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are responsible for assisting the clients in the entire wedding event based on the client’s preferences. They discuss every detail with the client, propose excellent ideas to the wedding that are up to the client’s expectations and memorable, find and negotiate with contract vendors, find suitable venues to hold the wedding.


Wealth Management Advisor

Wealth management advisors normally have strong financial knowledge that allows them to offer advice or recommendation services to their clients in regards to wealth planning, wealth investment, estate planning, tax-paying.



Welder’s responsibilities may vary in different industries but the most common is the design, cut, join metals together by using power and torches.



Yacht Keeper

The main responsibilities of a yacht keeper are to maintain the cleanliness of a yacht and some maintenance jobs within the yacht.


Yoga Instructor

A certified yoga teacher who provides meditation lessons through proper breathing techniques, stretching, and posture to a group of people, delivers the accurate Yoga practices which help to improve the finding of a balanced mind and body.




Zoologist studies a wide range of animals and wildlife species. They do research on animal natural behaviours, characteristics, the ecosystems as well as collecting zoological data for analysis and publication of scientific journals.


Zookeeper/Animal Keeper

Zookeeper not only refers to those who work in zoos, it also includes those who work at aquariums as well as animal parks. They are responsible for overseeing the animals’ health and habits, to educate visitors, maintain hygiene and clean enclosure for the animals within the zoo as well as food preparation.